Assisted Living bathrooms

Swift Bathrooms specialises in assisted living bathrooms and can help you or a loved one remain at home with the knowledge that their facilities meet accessibility standards prescribed in an Occupational Therapy assessment. Swift Bathrooms use their expertise to create bathrooms for the elderly in both a functional and aesthetic manner.

Aging in place is a relatively new idea that can help you or your loved ones continue living a full life in the home of your choice, with a focus on quality of life and independence. It isn’t about growing old; it is about being prepared for the changes in your life, health and environment that occur as you grow older. Specialising in assisted living bathroom remodelling, Swift Bathrooms will design a bathroom that will look good and function well, no matter who uses them.

Adhering to strict accessibility guidelines, creative redesign can make your bathroom not only more accessible, but safer and more practical for everybody.

Swift Bathrooms are able to provide many safety features for your bathroom needs. This may include:

  • Custom built accessible bathroom modifications
  • Horizontal, vertical and angled grab rails, comfort rails, side assist rails, twin assist grab rails and shower rails
  • User friendly bathroom tap sets, hand held showers and diverters
  • Foldable shower seats
  • Floor mount or wall mount backrest for back support
  • Widening doorways and increased shower size for easier access
  • Non slip bathroom floor tiles
  • Easy access cabinets
  • The supply and installation of step ramps, access ramps and wedges

At Swift Bathrooms, we understand that the bathroom is an essential part of the home and, as a wet area, the bathroom and shower need to be safe and practical for those wishing to age in the comfort of their own home. We are able to renovate bathrooms or install safe bathroom ware that will help provide independence, comfort and safety for the elderly and disabled meanwhile maintaining style in the accessories we choose to use. We listen to your requirements, and together we plan a bathroom that will deliver in terms of needs, style and practicality in a swift time frame.

Residential Bathroom Upgrades

When it comes to bathroom remodelling and design services Swift Bathrooms can help you achieve a space that fulfils your practical needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. At Swift Bathrooms, we create spaces that improve the look of our customer’s homes as well as enhancing their lives by providing them with a home that’s more comfortable and better suited to their functional needs both now and for many years to come.

Swift Bathrooms pride themselves on being able to offer:

  • Full residential bathroom remodelling
  • Functional, stylish custom designs
  • Quality design, workmanship and materials
  • Swift time frame

Home Maintenance

In addition to bathroom remodelling, Swift Bathrooms are also able to assist with aging in place by providing a range of home maintenance services, including:

  • Minor plumbing, carpentry and electrical work
  • Hot water service replacement
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Gutter cleaning and pressure cleaning walkways
  • Repair steps and paths
  • Unblock sewer pipes